FAQ - Frequently asked questions (Park Solar)

Here are questions we often get asked. Perhaps you can find your answer here.
Please also read the manual – how to mount, install and if necessary reinstall.

You are also welcome to contact us by phone +45 70209533 or by mail: support

Is the parking disc approved by the Danish Transport Agency?

The parking disc is approved by DTA and therefore has the FS20 or FS38 mark on the front.

How does the parking disc work?

The disc activates automatically short time after you park the car (reaction time is approx.. 20 sec). The parking time will be rounded forward to the nearest quarter. It is of course possible to also manually set the parking time.

Is it possible to re-enter the time and date if I made an error?

You can change the time and date at any time. Simply repeat the procedure described in the manual. You can find the manual on the "Download" page.

Does the parking disc automatically update time during daylight saving?

If time and date is entered correctly, the disc will automatically update time during DST.

How does the parking disc react to cold and heat?

The product has been tested and works flawlessly between temperatures -20 ° and + 70 ° Celsius

Small air bubbles under the adhesive pads are visible after I mounted the parking disc, why?

If not all fat and dirt is removed from the inside of the windshield, or if there is a lot of dust/particles in the air during the installation, there may occur small “bubbles” underneath the adhesive pads.

What do I do when the icon ‘E’ appears on the display?

If your parking disc shows the icon ‘E’ you should contact the dealer your purchased it from. Bring your receipt.

The parking disc has fallen off the windshield – what should I do?

Your windshield may not have been clean or warm enough during installation. It is important that the windshield is heated up to a minimum of 15 degrees, otherwise the glue on the adhesive pads will not have enough adhesion.

The adhesive pads can’t be reused – purchase original adhesive pads from a dealer. A picture of original adhesive pads can be found on our productpage. If its not identical then it’s a copy.

Find your manual here