Park Solar Digital - FS42
Item 5010

The Eco-friendly parking disc

Samatech has in collaboration with Danish designers and engineers, developed a unique parking disc. That automatically registers the parking time and its powered by solar cell technology.

High-end technology

The technology within Park Solar Digital works so that the disc is activated shortly after the car is parked and automatically sets the parking time, of course rounded forward to the nearest quarter (according to Danish legislation). Similarly, Park Solar Digital detects when the car is running again and it deactivates parking mode. The Solar cells and automatic activation make sure that you don’t have to remember to set the parking disc. Of course, it is also possible to set the time manually.

Classic design

It is obvious that the details of Park Solar Digital have been thought through. Besides getting a high-tech equipment, you also get a designed product that has a simple but classic form. That speaks to the quality conscious consumer, who appreciates the functionality and aesthetics of everyday life.


  • Integrated solar cell technology
  • Sets the parking time automatically
  • Manual setting of the parking time is possible
  • Automatically updates time during daylight saving time
  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Danish design
  • Simple and classic expression