Park Deluxe Digital - FS42
Item 5011

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Parking disc including replaceable ‘Long Life Battery’park solar digital aftagelig

This parking disc is characterized by being mounted in a frame / holder on the windscreen, so it can be easily removed when cleaning the windscreen or if you want to set the time manually.
The frame is attached to the window with the included and 3M adhesive pads, you will therefore never experience the parking disc falling off the window.
The parking disc automatically adjusts to the nearest quarter of an hour when parking.

Here you get a parking disc with:

  • Including replaceable battery with an expected lift og 5 years.
  • Smart frame / holder, which makes it possible to remove the parking disc when you for example needs to clean the windscreen or if you want to set the time manually.
  • Acoustic signal in case of low battery, system- and user errors.
  • Precise movement from Japanese Citizen. Not radio controlled - works in places like parking garages, garages etc.
  • Automatic DST (Daylight saving time) (Can be disabled).
  • Automatic setting of the parking time.
  • Possibility of manually setting the parking time without moving the car.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Dansk design.
  • 3M adhesive pads with strong adhesive force.